Kindred with all factions

Today I finally hit kindred with The Eldgang. In my opinion this is the worst faction to become kindred with. It is even worse than The Inn League and The Ale Association. We have 19 factions today. I bet we will get two new with Rise of Isengard, but I have not heard anything about this. We got two factions (Algraig and The Grey Company) when Enedwaith was released.

I have also got the Rift boots, so my Rift set is finally complete. I think it looks good now.

The only armour set I am missing now is the OD set. The thought that I need 2100 medallions plus all the coins from the raid just make me sick. But at the moment, I have nothing else to do than grind for medallions.


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Getting closer with The Eldgang

After a few raids in the Rift, I am soon getting kindred with The Eldgang. Will be nice to hit kindred with all factions, before the release of Isengard. Also, I do only need the boots, to complete the Rift set. Boots should actually be the easiest piece to get, as they drop from both first and second boss. The Rift set is without doubt, the best looking set in the game, at least for Champions.

Only missing the boots on this picture. I am currently using the BG boots.

This is the Cloak of the Falling Leaves dyed red.

At the moment, I got 16.872/30,000 with The Eldgang. Should get to kindred after one more Rift-raid and a few skirmishes.

I have also got the Annuminas set. This set has overall bad stats and I don’t feel like a champion when wearing it. I think I look more like a hunter. Crappy set. Just wanted it for my collection.

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Preparing for level 65 first age

Since I had a few months break early this year, I have not got a level 65 first age yet. I have only been in the new raid, Ost Dunhoth, a few times. Therefore I have not got a Symbol of the Elder King yet. I hope to get one in the next weeks, if I have enough time to join some raids. I could also do the easy way, and buy one from the auction hall, but the prices are just crazy at the moment. I don’t want to spend like 200 gold for a weapon, especially since we will get level 75 legdenary items with Rise of Isengard.

I do only need the symbol to craft the weapon. I have got all the other materials needed. Luckily I do not need to get help with the crafting, since I am weaponsmith. Though, I am not sure if I will make a one- or two-hander yet.

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Finally full Helegrod set

Today I finally bartered out the Epic Heavy Helegrod set. I have had enough marks for a while, but have not bartered it out earlier for some reason.

Each part costs 2370 Skirmish Marks, 2 Helegrod Marks and 5 Superior Marks. That means 6 pieces will cost you 14220 Skirmish Marks, 12 Helegrod Marks and 30 Superior Marks.

I don’t think the armour looks too good. At least it will need some dying before I will use it.The stats are not superior either. This set will probably be placed with the other armour sets in the vault. Maybe I will use some of the pieces later. At least the gloves looks like an interesting piece, with lots of incoming healing.

Now I will probably save up some marks for the Annuminas set …


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Character: Simsim

As I mentioned before, my main is named Simsim.

On this character I try to get almost everything completed.


  • Getting all mounts in game
  • Getting kindred with all factions
  • Getting all virtues to max rank
  • Getting skirmish soldier to max rank
  • Getting all the “big” amour sets
  • Getting all the book quests done
  • Etc.

Here are some pictures to show the progress:

All virtues are rank 10 og higher. If they are increasing the cap with Isengard, I got a lot of work to do with the virtues, but I am not sure of this. I will have to check this out, but they probably will, since it is quite a while since last increase.

Need to get kindred with The Eldgang. Very slow at the moment, as the only way, is to do the daily skirmish and get 700 reputation. I could also do the Rift raid, but it seems like most people are not interested in doing the Rift anymore. With only 1.604/30.000 on the last step, this is going to take a while with only 700 reputation per day.

My herbalist is finally rank 25 in every slots! It costed a lot of skirmish marks, but it’s nice to know it’s done. Now I don’t need to think about it until Isengard. Rank 25 means level 69, and with Isengard we will get to level 75. That means they will probably let us level our skirmish soldiers furthermore. I think it may be a good idea to save up some skirmish marks before the release of Isengard …


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Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog! This blog will follow my characters through their adventures in Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings Online.

My main is Simsim, level 65 Champion. I also got two other level 65 characters, Simadan (hunter) and Simhelm (captain). I do also got the six other classes, but they are all low levels, and rarely played.


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